UnSafe Mode

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There have been a few requests lately regarding patches that don't work in "safe-mode" (in safari or quicktime).

We're assuming that modifying a patch's behaviour to proclaim its safety is fairly simple. Provided this is correct, we can make "unlocked" patches to solve some of these problems with little effort on our part.

However, this can be very dangerous. As such, we've noticed that unsafe patches seem to fall into 2 categories: relatively safe (video input, directory scanner, for example), and totally not safe (shell command).

Our current thoughts are this: make a 'unlock all relatively safe patches' plugin, and potentially make a 'unlock dangerous patch' plugin on a case-by-case basis. The former group can probably be publicly downloadable, but the latter group should not be, and will have restrictive licensing.

What are your thoughts on this? what patches should go under which categories?