Using "unsafe" patches in visualizer composition

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Hi there,

So I used Kineme's GLTools plugin for parts of my music visualizer composition (great patches, by the way). When it finally came time to test my visualizer in iTunes, I noticed that the custom patches weren't being rendered. I think probably it's because the patches are marked as "unsafe" by QC. Is there any workaround for this, or am I stuck? Why is GLTools marked as unsafe, anyhow? I don't think they can access any sensitive information or anything like that...

Any help would be appreciated..

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mark it!

You're correct -- it's because we have the GLTools patches unsafe by default.

(A brief bit of history: In Tiger, safe mode didn't exist. In Leopard, it was introduced, and all 3rd party patches are unsafe.)

Since we use the unofficial api, we can actually make safe-mode patches too, but to play nicely with apple's environment, we've opted to leave most of our patches as unsafe, just because.)

Internally, we've discussed making GLTools safe in the next version, because, as you say, it doesn't do anything sensitive.

If you need a fix quickly, let me know (e-mail at the bottom of every page), and I can whip up a beta that has everything marked as safe.