Video Capture

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Does anyone know if EyeTV or any other video capture system that can be hooked up to an NTSC signal with RCA connectors work with Quartz Composer? Preferably something without too much lag.

I need to be able to capture video and overlay telemetry from a balloon/plane. Using the IOSerial patch, I got the basics working, but I don't know if there is any way of importing that video.

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I don't know about Eye TV capture, but i would like to add this could be a great feature ! Many project could be interested by grabbing TV images in real time... Sounds great to imagine Eye TV video input...

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This question must have an

This question must have an obvious answer, since I haven't been able to find anything on the web about it after a couple weeks of searching.

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I guess ---

I guess the obvious answer would be "no" -- eyetv doesn't provide a quicktime component, so it can't be used with the video input patch, and their interface doesn't appear to be documented enough to write a driver/controller manually for QC to feed in video.

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eyetv SDK

Would this be of help:

I know that there has been a VLC plugin made so perhaps there is a way from vlc to quartz?

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wrong way

This is for making plugins For EyeTV, not for using EyeTV in other applications. Using this would require writing a custom EyeTV plugin that captures data, and sends it to another plugin in QC that decodes MPEG2 streams (read: haha).

If there was an SDK that allowed 3rd party apps to capture EyeTV streams, it might be doable, but I've not found such an example thus far. I could poke at VLC's source to figure out what they do, but without having a device to test with or any interest in TV, I'm not about to schedule any time on this.

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Try something with FireWire

Many Firewire MiniDV cameras have a mode (on my Sony DCR-VX2000 it's called VCR mode) where they will pass an RCA video signal over firewire.

If you don't have a DV camera, Canopus makes some products that convert RCA video into a firewire DV signal.

Both of these will show up in the Quartz Video Input patch.

If you have one of the new laptops with no firewire, you're probably out of luck.

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Re: Video Capture (QC/EyeTV/VLC)

I have used eyetv with quartz composer. It required vlc with the eyetv plugin.

I ran vlc with the following command:

/Applications/ -vvv --reset-config --ttl 1 eyetv:// --sout "#transcode:rtp" --sout-transcode-vcodec="h264" --sout-transcode-vb="3560000" --sout-ffmpeg-keyint="15" --sout-transcode-acodec="mp4a" --sout-transcode-ab="256" --sout-rtp-dst="" --sout-rtp-ttl="1" --sout-rtp-sdp="rtsp://

In QC add a movie importer and use rtsp:// as the source. Be sure to set async mode on the movie importer.