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Hi can anyone please help or give any hint on how to connect 2 wiimotes using knm patch. I currently have both connected and showing correctly in the finder BTpanel (although both have exactly the same name -Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 -, they show up as 2 entries), but in Quartz, as soon as i connect the 2nd one, it superseeds the first one, but i can change the LEDs from Wiimote1 to Wiimote2 ... I don't know if my explanation is clear enough (apologies if not), so to sum up: did anyone already had 2 wiimotes working correctly in QC ? thanx

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delegate competition

Because of the way the darwiin remote framework is implemented (heavy use of delegates), it's very difficult to correctly handle multiple wiimotes with multiple patches. All the patches would need to be smart enough to communicate with each other and coordinate control, and that's a lot of fussy, boring code that I haven't bothered writing. This was briefly visited here: http://kineme.net/Discussion/GeneralDiscussion/KinemeWiiMoteNunchuksuppo...

The LEDs have nothing to do with who's controlling the wiimote -- you can change them on the fly (I made a "game" where the wiimote's tilt would cause the LED to "fall" to the heaviest side, and you had to balance it in the middle) without any special work. So setting the LEDs to 1 or 2 (or both 1 and 2, or all 4, or any of the 16 possible combinations) won't change who's actually in charge. the identity is preserved somewhere else (I don't think that's exported in the QC patch, but it's a UID-like number)

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osculator as bridge. not as elegant, for sure.

btw - osculator has numerous tricks up its sleeve. its pairing seems to be much more reliable too, including a "super pair" requiring admin rights. if only it were open source...


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Re: osculator

Okay. I feel mentally impaired, but I am trying to go the OSCulator route because I cant get the wiimote to pair inside of quartz and so it can run to other software at the same time. I can't get the MIDI CC range in quartz (normalized to 0,1 from MIDI 0-127, right? still learning) to be different, as in -1 , 1. So basically I can only point from center to the upper right, and using the math patch wasn't figuring it out. I feel it's something simple and essential I'm missing.

I posted this in my intro post too. Sorry for double posting, i'm hoping it ups my odds of accomplishing this.

Thanks - pete

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Re: osculator

Take an interpolation patch - set the repeat mode to none. Control+click on it, set timebase to external. Set the start time to -1 and the end time to 1. Now, hook the normalized out from your midi to the timebase of the interpolation, and the output of the interpolation to whatever you are trying to control.

So, in this instance, 0 on the timebase will give you a -1, 1 on the timebase will give you a 1, and .5 on the timebase would give a 0 (etc., etc).

You can actually change the interpolation mode to a non linear setting if you wanted to generate a curve increase/decrease on the values (you didn't ask this, just pointing it out).

Also.... double posting doesn't up your odds! I didn't know where was best to reply, and it's kind of a faux pas. ;-)

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Re: osculator

Thank you very much! It worked (of course)! Sometimes simple answers are hard to attain!