Wedding Bells

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While I usually try to keep my personal life out of kineme, I figure I can make an exception here --

I, cwright, am getting married tomorrow (Saturday, October 11, 2008), and will probably not be paying much attention to kineme stuff until around the 20th..

Just a heads up :) If I don't respond, it's not because I don't care anymore, it's because there are other .... distractions ... :)

Happy Hacking!

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Congratulations ! Happy Wedding!

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You mean we're not invited...?!

Heehee. Congratulations!!!!!

This cute heart shader I just did seems strangely appropriate, all of a sudden....


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Happy wedding and be happy ;-)

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viva l'amore

Yea... Congratulations on your marriage!

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I remember asking you about

I remember asking you about a modification to something a bit ago, and you were saying how this was coming up, and that you weren't sure about timing and all of that...

Since then, you have not only done whatever it was, but a ton of other stuff. Amazing man!!!! You are a truly good natured person too, and I would venture to say that this is a bit of a reward for that.

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Congratulations! I've been

Congratulations! I've been married for 5 years and it's the best thing I've ever done.

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Well done! And Chris, again,

Well done! And Chris, again, congrats, enjoy your time away with your wife, and have fun!!!

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Congratulations on Your Marriage - May You Both Live Long & Prosper.

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Hip Hip Hip... Houra !

Congratulations ! Happy Wedding !

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Even more congratulations...

Excellent news, I'm sure you'll be happy together! I just hope you're busy enjoying your honeymoon and not reading this! =)

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Congratulations Chris!


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Felicidades señor Chris, le deseo lo mejor a usted y a su señora esposa.


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Congrats Chris, All the best for your future with your new wife.

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So how big a role did quartz composer play in the ceremony?

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hey Mr CW congratulations to

hey Mr CW congratulations to you and Mrs CW.

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Congratulations :)

Congratulations :)

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Yes! This is the operative

Yes! This is the operative question. (dwskau/Mr. Don Rickles, I wish I could give you an internet rimshot on that).

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sadly, none

In the end, none at all. The in-law took care of the video/slideshow stuff.

But don't think that the thought didn't cross my mind -- I had quite a few plans in the works. They just wanted to handle it themselves.

(probably good in the end -- if I pulled it off, I'd become the defacto visuals guy, and that would eat up lots of time ;)