creating a space like a room or stage

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How should I think about this in QC: I want to create a space like a stage (for ex., with four walls, ceiling, floor). Then, of course, i want to add things (video, images, 3d objects) within the limits of the space. So, first, how to create the space with 360 view (say with the trackball or mouse), with size limits.

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2d or 3d room?

It depends on how you want the room to 'work'.

If you want to keep the view point fixed, and look in different directions, it's probably easiest to make a cube map of the room in a 3d package or whatever, then just texture a cube and render back faces. You'll have to figure out the right distance to keep the camera in the right place, but i doubt it will be hard.

Once you have the room, putting video, images etc. inside is easy - just add them as sprites, position them where you want, and use the 3d transform patch with both the room cube and the sprites inside it. Use the transform patch to rotate, and all your objects will rotate with the room.

If you want a 'full 3d' room/stage where the viewer can move around, it's a bit harder, as you'll need 3d models of the objects inside it. QC only has basic cube/grid/sphere objects, although there's a teapot. There's no way by default to load 3d in too. A (very good looking) bunch of 3d patches is being developed, but I think it's still in alpha so it's a bit early for that.

Of course, you can always write your own patches if you have some programming knowledge, or you can work around the limits with a bit of creativity. I'm building a paint tool within QC at the moment, that works a bit like photoshop but has 3d paint facilities, a bit like zbrush. With something like that you could make a 3d room, although it's a fair bit of work to set up.

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Excellent answer

Thanks so much. I'm just getting started with QC, lot's of questions.