defaults write -g QCShowPrivatePatches 1 not working

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i rebuilt my system (MBP) recently. I'm at OS 10.5.4. The trick 'defaults write -g QCShowPrivatePatches 1' is not working. I really liked the ambient light sensor and the tilt sensor this made available to me. Anyone have an idea of why may be going on? m

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also try...

Also try holding the option key when opening the preferences panel, and under the (System) tab there's a QCShowPrivatePatches setting -- check that, and restart QC. That might get you up and running. Or try using the KinemeCore plugin, it should show/hide private patches without the command line stuff or restarting QC.

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it's all there!

this is great. it is all there and more. be interesting to know what all the options do.