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hi there, i am a newbie here, i am just wondering if is somehow possible to get audio output from QC - play movie with native sound of a movie (not effected) somebody know? thx. best daniel

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I Think

I think you can use the movie loader to play audio. This is a Leopard addition, so it won't work on Tiger.

see this forum post for a bit more discussion: http://kineme.net/Discussion/IntroduceYourself/GreetingsItaly

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yop, its work, just turn on "asynchronous mode" in movie loader. great! thx!

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you're welcome!

není zač! (you don't happen to be near Liberec, do you? I've got some friends there; could be a small world :)

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:))) unfortunately not, i am from Prague (not far away from Liberec)).. your friends are interested by QC too?? best regards

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Audio input / processor problem

There seems to be a fair sized catch if you use audio input + processor. It actually seems to capture the audio output level, not the internal signal level, which means it's volume dependent.

This is a complete ball-ache if you're using it for anything and your composition will run on more than one computer, or if you change the mac volume at all!