load random google images?

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A newb question perhaps-- I have not tried anything like this yet. Is there a way to load random images from Google and, say, set up a keyword input?

I did find this regarding quick searches in firefox: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/tech-news/?p=797

Any way to adapt the concept to QC? or how?

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a way to do it

i think you should try and search the command line tools and the file tools somthing like:

cmd: open firefox run the search save the file into a txt (this i cant help you wiht)

filetools: open txt parse the txt into xml or somthing produce a structure enjoy the structure

i am trying something like that but via php into xml on my server and then grab the rss feed via xml downloader or rss in quartz quite a turn around i guess

hugs ber