making ableton live effects send midi?

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i saw that the kineme plugins has been used for that "Just Add Music"-tool so I guess someone here could answer me the following question:

how do i make the native effects in Ableton Live to send mididata to catch with QC?

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its probably sync data

i don't know the insides of jam, but ableton can sync gui changes back to the midi device the control is slaved to. its there for things like motorised sliders, so changing things with a mouse will also move the physical slider, but can be used for other things =]

in the midi settings panel, investigate the three midi options.

its still far from the nirvana of control we need though, if you're trying to run audio in ableton and corresponding video in your vj app / qc.


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In short, check the midi remote settings in Ableton preferences, if you set a midi cc or note in Ableton it will give back some MIDI feedback messages. Chris built the Midi tools for JAM because i was limited in 10.4 with no way to reset Abletons values to match the default values in QC, and i needed a MIDI clock patch that could filter out a certain clock.

Start by downloading a midi monitor tool to see exactly what is going on in Ableton.

But as i'm here i'll give you a heads up on what i trying do with JAM now, and if any one here knows python i'll be happy to cut them into the new JAM project.

Check .... basically it allows OSC messages or complex midi message to be sent from Live

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oh my...?

are you saying you've got liveapi working on osx? i hadn't seen the update that they've got an osx download there, that would be a 'oh my' moment...!

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the oh my moment

not me (trying to find time to learn python or find some one to help on that)

but yep its working on osx,

oh my moment :)

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looks like python time for me... oh where is the time.

we should hook up some time. perhaps a kineme/qc dinner. i'll look at my diary when this deadline is out the way.

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sounds good

I'll 2nd that idea, about time i meet more London based Qc'ers (especially ones that know python ;) , bet Alex would be up 4 that + any other London based QC'er (?)

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:) just noticed i kind of

:) just noticed i kind of hijacked Markus post there, and then went on about meeting people in London when the guy lives in Sweden .

Markus checkout JAM's start up guide it will help you set things up or at least understand how things work -

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indeed. Hi Jon! How's it


Hi Jon! How's it goin?


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