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Hi Someone on the ableton forum needs a visual representation of beats per minute being displayed from incoming Midi clock signal. I can get the beats numerically to show by a simple Midi clock (IAC bus) Beats>Image with String>Billboard, but how about if i wanted to scale a square in time with the incoming midi clock or adjust opacity or something? Basically i want to take the incoming information and turn it into something useful for transformations.

Any thoughts?



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is your friend....

Stick the Measures output through a Math patch set to Modulo 1. This will give you a number between 0 and 1 for every measure (bar).

Add an LFO patch, right click it and set Timebase to External. Now, patch your Math patch to the Patch Time input of the LFO. Adjust Period to some whole number, and you should find you have an LFO that's synced to measure position.

Alternatively, you could swap the LFO for an Interpolator patch (a personal favourite). Again, set Timebase to External by right-clicking it, and connect the Math patch to Patch Time. You can then change the output waveform by changing the Interpolation type and messing with the Repeat Mode. Alter the speed by tweaking the Duration property.

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you are a super star thanks

you are a super star thanks alot mate.. that does exactly what i need. and also infact makes me think about producing a nice little LFO plugin for sending to numerous apps..

thanks again..