quartz composer visualizer + quicktime movie???

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Is anyone able to use Quartz Composer Visualizer (QCV) to play a quartz composer patch that is a quicktime movie (sent to a billboard) over multiple monitors? I have four monitors turned at a 90 degree angle and I just get a black screen when I try to load a Quartz composer composition with a quicktime movie in it into Quartz Composer Visualizer. (the movie displays correctly in the small "preview" window but not when I go "full screen")

Does this type of patch work on anyone else's setup?

QVC does work with patches that do not have a quicktime movie in them.

Thanks, Casey

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did you copy your QT files locally ? They need to be present on every machine i guess, same path same everything.

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Also in single screen local mode ...

Funny thing is, that compositions with Quicktime movies also don't seem to play in Quartz Composer Visualizer's local mode, even with one screen only...

Has anyone actually managed to get Quicktime Movies working within QVC?

I guess, one solution would be to roll your own app with a QCView spanning multiple monitors... But that would then work only on the local machine.

Curious about other experiences with this topic,

bests, georg

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I am making a total stab in

I am making a total stab in the dark, since I don't use Visualizer, other than one time for fun...

I would look at the settings for your movie loader, and toggle through "stretch, fit, fill" and see if any of those work, or maybe even manually entering Frame dimensions instead of leaving it at the default 0x0. I would also consider looking toggling asynch and disabling color correction, to see what you think... (those two steps aren't to solve your prob, just an "in general" suggestion).

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Re: I am making a total stab in

So just tried all of the combinations of toggling

async on/off

set frame dimensions to movie dimensions


color correction etc.

In QC4 on Snow Leopard and still no luck.

If I had to guess it seems like QCV cannot find the movie files?

Is there a way to bundle the movie with the QC file before I load it in to QCV?

Anyone made any progress on this issue?

Thanks, Casey

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Re: I am making a total stab in

you could try using an image down-loader patch and using the structure key URL to pull out the files path in a file:// context. theoretically you could keep all the files on a web server or something but i think local to each machine would be a faster load. the cool thing about the down-loader patch other than it returning an index of images, or movies is that you can also load up qtz files. if you put your movies in a folder and check recursive it will find all the movies in the sub directories as well. just a thought you might want to try.

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Re: quartz composer visualizer + quicktime movie???

Has anyone figured this out? I've sold a client on using Macs/QC to replace old PC video wall brains (after 3 years of trying- long story). Part of it involves spanning video across at least 4 screens.

I found this: http://lists.apple.com/archives/quartzcomposer-dev/2008/Feb/msg00094.html

It basically explains that you need to put the movie loader in a separate composition and then use that as the processing patch in QCV. Has anyone/can anyone try this? I'm still waiting on hardware...

(Side note) Been a fan of this site for quite a while (actually Fdiv.net first), but had to wistfully look on as I had little reason/resources to take advantage or contribute. Hoping that will change...