saving files

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Is there anyway to save a file from within QC. I'd like to schedule camera capture and save to image file based upon some simple camera tracking.

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Image Files

I don't think there are any built-in image saving patches. There's a movie exporter in the samples directory for Leopard, which might be a start, but it'll require a custom plugin either way.

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compile the plug-in and save

compile the plug-in and save a single frame quicktime movie?

if the image isn't leaving osx, the difference between that and an image are moot...

anway, what chris said.

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use movie exporter for 1

use movie exporter for 1 frame, or

use the shell patch to trigger a screenshot (alt Shift 3) set the snapshot folder to something interesting (other than Desktop by default) then scan an' load it into QC !!!!

Note: I'm personally looking for a hacked Canon SLR SDK that can capture launch from within QC .... any info welcome (i do know there's some guy developing this - as seen on QC dev- but he doesn't answer emails...)