Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany

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hi there. i started studying audiovisual media here in stuttgart and discovered the amazing QuartzComposer one year ago. besides playing around with it, i had the idea (like thousands of people before) to use it for vj-ing. then i discovered the pixelshox story, the quartonian, coge and other cool stuff. while messing around in QC, XCode (more or LESS) and InterfaceBuilder, i stumbled over kineme and was happy to see such a big community and the power behind all these things. all you people are doing great work. thank you

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Re: Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany

because some other new people here used the introduction for a question i think i can also do that. as mentioned above i'm trying to get something like a vj-tool together by using QC and IB. in IB i have one window for the settings and another one for the QCView (HUD style). now i would like to hide the mouse in the QCView (for resizing and repositioning/dragging elements) but not in the settings window. i already looked at the QCFullscreen example from cwright, but this hides the cursor in the complete mainscreen. how can i tell only to hide in a special window (the CGDisplayShowCursor ignores the display parameter). hope you have an answer. let me know if you need any further information.