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Hello everybody.

I am interested in Quartz Composer very much now. Making with QC is very pleasant. I want to know QC more further. And I wish to profit by the technology.

I have been uploading sample movies of QC to vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/rinboku Please have a look.

Thank you.

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glad to see you here :) I love your compositions -- very clever :)

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Ah, you're the guy that did the Saburou on my Desk thing and the others :D

I really love those, simple + cute style and yet very cleverly made. Keep it up :D

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Homeboy! Glad to see you

Homeboy! Glad to see you here :o)

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Salut Rinboku

Welcome. Your work is known and admired by many here. It will be an honor to associate with you.

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Kissing spheres

Hi rinboku ! I like your kissing spheres !

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Thank you!

Thank you.

I am glad to meet everyone.