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Hey guys, name is Danny Jongezoon and i'm new to the forum and kineme. Started working on Quartz Composer a few months back and loving it. Actually i'm using it for digital signage for Social Security believe it or not. They kinda just threw me this project and said have fun see you in a few months, lol. So i'm def going to need help every once in a while since this is my first time using Quartz or anything like this.

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Great to have you! I'm also

Great to have you! I'm also using QC as digital signage, but in a production environment to communicate metrics and facility news + goals.

How are you driving yours? I use XML and RSS out of MS Sharepoint.

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I'm also using a combination

I'm also using a combination of XML and RSS feeds. A company called Datacall Tech has been providing us with their XML feeds for local traffic, weather and triva questions. Then i just use RSS feeds for a news crawler/ticker. I also custom make a XML playlist that plays random video and picture files (i.e. .mov, .jpg).

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The idea is to have a "show"

The idea is to have a "show" playing at SSA field offices to inform the public of what they need and the steps they'll be taking to file for social security or retirement or whatever the case may be. At the same time entertain them with random HD video clips (penguins sliding around or whatever), amazing visuals and 3d models/effects. Plus have thier local weather and traffic. Overall were hoping that it will increase awareness, productivity, and speed up the whole process. While calming down stressed or worried adults. Entertain any kids and adults to make the wait time seem less.

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That's pretty similar to the

That's pretty similar to the original intent of mine, you should check out ygBox, might offer up some ideas for the backend.