Hi from Switzerland

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I'm from Switzerland (Geneva), with my 3 members team we do vjing for electronic music party (goa, drum'n bass, ...). Actualy we use Modul8 and qc for our performances, now we are interested having interaction with the public by using qc.

my website : http://www.dbr-prod.ch some videos : http://www.dailymotion/vjdobermann

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Re: Hi from Switzerland

hello doberman. cool my friend, i have been known to make a few dnb tracks now and then. actually the last song i made was a dnb track. its called waiting for bass its on my site if you want to check it. http://si02.info under audio tracks. i got loads more i just have to put them up. haven't done much of the vj thing lately but have been doing lots of cool interactive things with qc this is the place to be in regards to qc. there is the apple mailing list as well. that is a good source don't go off topic or you get moderated like me though. kineme is a little more rant friendly.

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Re: Hi from Switzerland

Hello tank you for your welcome,

So as you see, my mother tongue is french but english is ok ;-) I never thought that qc is so powerful before visiting kineme website !

For my next vjing performance, we will try to use the hid signal converted into midi input, that's cool i've founded a patch here to do that :-) Our intentions is the public can play with the visuals during the performances (something like that^^)