Hi and thanks

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Hi folks,

Alex Clarke from Lismore, Australia here. Just wanted to thank you guys for the brilliant work, you have really made some superb stuff here.

MachineCodex software are the developers of AudioCodex, a real time AU effects player for 10.4+ with qtz visualizers.

Recently we have been experimenting with some of your patches, and we have now distributed a qtz file with v 1.11 of our app that uses GL Tools. In order to make it easy for our users to install GL Tools, I have made a pkg installer and posted it to our quartz composer lab site, qtzlcodex.com. Here is the link to the appropriate page.

I have included your license file in the package installer.

Hope this is all kosher, and keep up the fantastic work!



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Hey, thanks for the links and the cool installer! Do you happen to have the package-maker project for it? (that might be a handy template for future plugins, to help people get the path right without trying).

It's kosher to use this plugin, no worries there :) Cool-looking software too, by the way.

As an alternative, it's possible to package the plugins inside your plugin bundle and have QC load them there with a bit of work -- this spares them from having to deal with QC plugins at all, and keeps the plugins our of their interface (so they can't make things that aren't portable, for example). I've not seen anyone really do this though -- everyone just installs plugins system-wide when they need them...

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No worries mate!

Thanks for the info - for now we will keep offering GL Tools as an optional web install as it is at present, but it's good to know there's an alternative method.

I have attached the package-maker project for anyone who might find it useful. I'll keep you posted when we release our next Kineme enabled composition.



Install GL Tools.pmdoc_.zip3.17 KB

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Re: No worries mate!

What a small world it can seem to be, just been seeking after a couple of older Machine Codex freebies and such, only to find that Neutrino has been released and works like a charm, although that is completely unrelated to the underwhelming news that the Mandelbrot plugin is no longer available.

It really does look like a great replacement for iTunes.

BTW, any chance of a post of that old QC Mandelbrot Explorer plugin ?

Even smaller world, I've been wondering about the matter of bundling GLTools inside an installer and the licensing issues involved regards some visualizers I've been working upon and this thread pretty much covers that.

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Re: Hi and thanks

When I've looked at the link on your site for the past while, it doesn't open up the QC lab... like, right now, I just get a page for your Dateline app. The link forwards on to your main site.

I always wonder why people just don't set it up with a dmg so that you can drag and drop the plugin. When packages force plugin install, I always end up having to use flat package editor to go in and install just what I want. I see the benefit of an installer for just the plugin, so that you have a choice if you already have it installed.