I'm also from Scotland

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Hello all I'm also from Scotland... I now live in Wylie in Texas.

Slight difference in climate!

I still don't have much of a sun tan!

I really want to do something with the Wiimote patch I haven't got it to work yet!


I need y'alls help! (How texan am I?)

Yep knew you'd be impressed (sarcasm what's that?)

Many thanks for all you've done and all you will do!

All the best Derek

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Re: I'm also from Scotland

welcome. so i guess you have noticed a texas block is a long walk. everything is bigger in texas. as per wiimote the kineme patch works pretty good if you ask me. i guess if your having troubles which i do sometimes when connecting the device is to hook up a image to string patch to a billboard and feed one of the wii mote xy to it. press the +- buttons until you get numbers on the screen. you might have to reset the device by opening the battery compartment and hitting the red panic button then trying over. there is a program called osculator that makes pairing a wiimote easy as well as it supports a bunch of other things etc...