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My name is George Toledo. And I admit I have an addiction....

I've been involved in many music related projects, and have always been very interested in visual arts.

I play about a dozen instruments, write songs, and make recordings of it all... Audio engineer, know just about every available recording application in and out.

Worked with some somewhat early efforts in internet file collaboration, internet audio remix projects, and lossless audio file compression.

Played with many artists over the years.... my first major thing was playing with Iron Butterfly as a guest in the 90's while I was in junior high... My cheapo website is ... which is under the "X The Unknown" name. Kind of a virtual one man band, if you will!

Why I come here- I love Quartz Composer. I also find a certain kinship of attitude in the way you guys approach Apple, Quartz, and software creation, with how I approach audio engineering. If a microphone is not doing what I want, I will just make one! So I like the way you all have kind of devoured Quartz Composer to make it fit your needs.

I've been into programming in one way or another since the Apple II, rewriting computer lab games in school to give "you suck" messages, etcetera. Always a major interest, but not as dominant as music. I have written many programs for personal use, but never been "into" doing that professionally. I have recently been giving this more thought....

I also am very interested in using Quartz to make visual compositions to accompany my music. I have always wanted to "write" the visual and the music at the same time... and as I get more familiar with Quartz (and also Processing) I find myself thinking in that way. Which is cool for me. I am currently working on a music/visual album that integrates the music I write and record, with these visual tools.

Pleased to meet you all, and once again, I have a great deal of admiration for what is going on here.