What is this?

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I'm Luciano Amodio, a photographer, a programmer, and a vj learning.

I found this site looking for quartz composer patch to use with VDMX and to learn more about both VDMX and Quartz Composer Programming.

I've read some wiki, faq, and other text in this site but I've not understand what kineme is and how can it help me...

Can you tell me somthing about it?

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Re: What is this?

Quartz Composer Clips and Patches can be used within VDMX.

Kineme plugins allow you to create QC compositions incorporating GL Tools objects, File Tools structures, Audio Tools facilities and other types of graphical and functional objects.

These compositions and clips can be run in a VDMX environment.

Just download the free plugins and demo plug ins and experiment with them would be my best advice to you.

Search the Kineme site for VDMX.

There's been plenty of posts about VDMX.

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Re: What is this?

From the front page: kineme.net is a community surrounding the development of primarily-opensource Quartz Composer custom patches, plugins, and other hacks.

From experience, I'd say kineme is 50% this site (a good collection of plugins, some good info in the wiki etc., and a huge amount of good discussion in the forums here) and 50% Chris Wright & Smokris (they write lots of really great plugins for QC).

If there's something you need and isn't already covered you can ask here, quite often it's already possible in some way, or there's a plugin already. If not, sometimes a new plugin will get made if it's something needed by a lot of people, or if it's something important you can commission kineme to make it for you (for a fee).

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Re: What is this?

KnM is a quartz composer plugin company (somehow?). It is also a great QC community, where users share knowledge, tips, tricks.... KnM will help you if you help KnM, and vice-versa.

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Re: What is this?

To reiterate/rephrase what psonice, franz, and cybero have stated:

Kineme is an organization/community around Quartz Composer. It's run by myself (cwright), smokris, and the rest of the kosada crew.

Besides us (the people running the site), you'll find numerous artists of all kinds, designers, musicians, programmers, and other people who in one way or another have come to use QC.

We (smokris and I) try to extend QC by giving it more capabilities -- those capabilities come in the form of plugins that you'll find all over this site. There are other sources of QC plugins as well. We also try to show others how to use QC to solve their problems, or when to look elsewhere when QC isn't a good fit for their problem. Normally we try to give away the plugins we write, but because we need to eat, we sometimes charge for our larger, more complicated projects/products.

We also try to provide information about QC -- from low-level how-to-program stuff (for writing custom plugins) to high-level how-to-use-this-patch composition-level stuff. This site is a haphazardly organized source of all of that information.

So, if you're interested in actually using QC, or making your own effects in it for use in VDMX or wherever, kineme can be extremely helpful in helping you along your way. If you're only interested in using VDMX itself, kineme isn't of much use, but some of the plugins can be (many VDMX compositions make use of kineme plugins behind the scenes).