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I'm alx, from sunny (ahem..) London, UK. I've been using Quartz Composer fairly intensively (though not commercially) for getting on for a year.

My main aim currently is to produce effects and content-generators for Vidvox's excellent VDMX semi-modular VJ/realtime video application.

I've also been taking tentative steps into the wonderful world of 3D texture and vertex manipulation with the new GLSL patch in QC 3, initially by poking around some of the Developer Tools example files, and more recently, by converting a selection of HLSL shaders to GLSL and CIKernel language.

In terms of plugins and patches, I'm mainly interested in extending QC's support for various 3D-related things, and am hoping eventually to be able to code some of my own using OpenGL. I have a big stack of books to wade through before that's going to happen though....

Screenshots and sourcecode from some of my experiments can be found on my blog at



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hi alx, welcome i really love ur blog. It is a great source of inspiration, and i must say it is very motivating to follow you through your QC experiments. Keep it up ! Any chance you ever post the 3D supersurface shader code adapted from vvvv ?

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Hi alx :)

Glad to see you here :)

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Hi Franz

thanks for the welcome, and the encouragement! I'm thinking of having a go at the SuperFormula VVVV shader, actually. I've been working up to it ;)

The only problem is, without VVVVs Spreads functions, and it's multi-pass HLSL shader support, a lot of the really nice maths surfaces stuff that's been posted by VVVV users isn't currently possible in QC. I've actually posted a request for a Multipass GLSL shader patch in the Request forum here, but I think realistically, that kind of thing probably isn't possible without some major re-writing of Quartz Composer itself. I'd love to be proved wrong though...

If I ever reach that skill-level, I'll try to write my own 'Spreaded' Superformula patch myself. Don't hold your breath though, I'm still in the early stages of my journey :)

Thanks again for your warm welcome and encouraging words!


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Hi Yanomano

Hiya, good to meet you!