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Hi everybody. I wrote some post but i never present me. First, sorry for my poor english. Sometimes is not enough for me (and for you i guess). I'm from argentina, but living in madrid since 1998. I'm a graphic designer (another graphic designer on vj), and vj since... 2004 i guess. At firts I use Grid Pro, later vdmx, but on my powerbook 1.5 dont work fine. for this reason i buy modul8, and now i use modul8 with my poewrbook and VDMX and Quartz Composer in my new macbook pro. actually i dont project very much, really. Less than i like. I working on a project call "Sonora Visual" with 4 musician conected to differents parameters of a QC compositions. At the moment we never make a live presentation, but soon we make it. I really apreciated this forum and the people who make it. We learn a lot with you. thanks and nice to meet everybody.

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