psonice from the uk

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Guess I should put something in here as I've been on the site for a while already.

I'm in the UK, near Manchester. I'm interested in the demoscene rather than VJing or video work, so I have a pretty different approach to QC. Most of the stuff I'm doing has no video at all, I create assets and effects from within the software. That way I can make a production and distribute it as a small file, which contains everything. My next task is to produce a decent colour font and use it with text effects (I've already got a system that lets me scroll text across the screen, with per-character animation|).

My goal really is to use QC as a base, and to build a lot of custom patches to handle some more sophisticated 3d effects, but so far I'm using just the built-ins (and a few plug-ins from here) while I learn the ins and outs of it all.