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Hello, I am fredd (stands for Federico). I live in Amsterdam but I am from Italy. I do mostly cinematic stuff and new media bla bla... you can check me out at

thanks for the great community and inputs you share!

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Re: salute!

you are welcome...

little italy at kineme!!!

maccheroni, mozzarella, spaghetti, pizza, mandolino, cocco di mamma, mafia, mamma mia

ciao fredd

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Re: salute!

Daniele, you are making me hungry! :o) ... and making me want to play Mario Bros.

Hey there Fredd!

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Cinecittà !

Welcome Federico (what an illustrious first name !). It's also mine ! ;) I hope you will enjoy sharing your ideas and find there solutions to increase your projects.

Mr Freakz (Aka Frédéric).

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Re: salute!

Welcome Frederico! My wife learned jewelry design in Firenze. We have enjoyed going back to visit. Welcome to the group! Looking forward to the exchange. There are some great developers here.


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Re: salute!

Thanks for the welcome! I'll see to learn stuff fast enough to be able to put up something that is worrth sharing :) In the mean time if someone drops in Amsterdam (were I emigrated) I cook nicely enough :)