Async mode vs. quartz timebase

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i hardly work on a free mac vj app called CoGe, based on quartz composer and interface builder.

i discovered, a movie loader with async mode has better fps then the normal. it's ok, but i need connent the movie loader to the external timebase because i want to scratch, play reverse, speed up, etc. the movies.

Can somebody tell me, this is a bug in Qc? Will the future version of Qc have a better normal mode movie loader?

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sadly, not that we've seen. We didn't test this in snow leopard (and even if we did, we couldn't talk about it for a while), but for leopard it doesn't look likely from Apple at least.

This is something that I've been considering adding to our Audio Video plugin, because it's something I'd like to have as well :)

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ohh, this is a bad news :(

But, if i understand you (sorry for my basic english...), you can add features for your av plugin? If you want it, i can send you my movie time changer qtz and you can see what i want to do, with better fps...