Private Patches on Leopard

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defaults write -g QCShowPrivatePatches 1

Cellular Automata!


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what's cellular automata? i

what's cellular automata? i can't find it in the patchcreator...

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Cellular automata is a kind of simulation of living cells. You've probably seen it before. Wikipedia has some information on it here: (in Italiano just for you :)

That said, I have no idea where that patch is... it's not built-in, and it's not in the developer examples...

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It was part of one of the pre-release Leopard developer seeds. Apparently it was removed (or renamed?) before the GM was released.

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thanks!! I saw it one or two

thanks!! I saw it one or two years ago in a compo called "game of life"...but I couldn't see it in the "private patch"...