Problem with kineme plugins

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Hi: I downloaded some Kineme plugins and now ( any problems in Tigger, now I have Leopard) some work (GL tools, Folder movies) but others do not appear in patch creator (SafeAudioInput, SafeMidiPatch, SnapToGrid, YUVColorPatch) and crash QC and other programs that use files .qtz or .mov (qtz), as Modul8.

If I remove plugins that do not work in the folder /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/, QC and other programs operate normally.

any suggestions or help?

best regards

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mixed results

SnapToGrid is a Tiger-only plugin -- you can get snap-to-grid functionality with the KinemeCore plugin.

SafeAudio should show up as an identical patch called "Kineme Safe Audio Input".

SafeMidi won't show up -- from the release page: "This plugin modifies the existing midi patches to allow them to get loaded along with the others." -- meaning, it changes the built-in patch, it doesn't create a new one.

YUVColor should work -- please make sure you've downloaded the Leopard version of all the plugins (the tiger ones won't work correctly).

If you continue to have problems, please paste your console output to help us better resolve your problems. Spotlight Console.

Please list the plugins that don't work or cause QC/other programs to crash -- they're likely Tiger-only ones that won't work properly on Leopard.

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Hi: Indeed had a problem of

Hi: Indeed had a problem of corrupt system: the cause of the malfunction was that Quarzt Composer not been installed properly ( I do not know why???). I reinstalled XCode3.0 and I downloaded the latest versions and now all plugins operate normally.

tnxs for the help