QC 3.1 (63.2)

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After installing the iPhone SDK (beta 5), I noticed that QC has been updated to Version 3.1 (63.2). All our plugins appear to work still.

Just curious, has anyone noticed any changes with this version? The Sphere patch doesn't seem to flip out and explode if you attach anything to the Diameter port (bug fix), and I'm sure there are a couple other fixes as well...

(GLSL still crashes with displacement :( figures...)

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QC 3.1 PPC ?

Recently I try to install the Iphone SDK on My PPC G5 (sorry to be vintage :) but it seems to install just on Intel Macs... So...is this QC update just for Intel macs ?


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From what I understand the

From what I understand the iphone SDK is intel only, which is why it wont install, but Im sure the Quartz Composer that happens to be bundled with it, will work on PPC too. So its probably just the installer that is intel only, and you could possibly extract QC manually from one of the packages to get it to run?

In any case I havent been able to work out what else has changed with this version, no release notes!

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the sdk also comes with gcc 4.2 (since Tiger, Apple has used gcc 4.0). In the past, version increases in gcc meant better optimization/smaller code. However, I've built the next beta of OpenCV 8 times in the past day or two using both 4.0 and 4.2, and 4.2 is 20-50% slower at haar detection and point tracking. What a disappointment. I've been mistakenly compiling our recently betas with 4.2.... looks like that was a mistake :(

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so this confirms my tests at the new knmCV beta with auto-point-tracking: much slower than the beta before... Would you please send me a new build if you compile it with 4.0 ? thxx

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I just noticed "iPhone SDK

I just noticed "iPhone SDK final" was released, I'm downloading now to see what version of QC it ships with.


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3.1 (62.3)

But there isn't any update information in the release notes :(

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bug fixes

Not much changed in QuartzComposer for 3.1, all the changes were minor bug fixes.

If you ever had trouble opening a composition from the template window using the "Open Existing..." button, that now works. The scroll bar arrows in the patch description now work. The ImageWriter example didn't check the architecture so people were creating plugins with bad pixel formats, so the proper #if checks are in place. A couple other things too like crashes that were frequently reported.

And indeed, the Editor should be compiled Fat so if you extract it or get it from a friend, it will work on your PPC machine.

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Thanks! :)

Hey Troy, thanks for the notes :)

shame we didn't meet up with you after the QC session at WWDC :/ maybe next year :)