Save an image from QC. The easy way

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some weeks ago i post a question about save an image from QC, and many people answer with different suggestions. today i found the answer and is very easy. now with automator we can save an image from QC, png at any dimension we like. is very easy! thanx, anyway. marcos ;-)-

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How does that work, then?

Weee... I just 'earned' 100 points....!


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(top 7, plus winner for the week)

You're in the top 7 now, points-wise :) And #1 most active for the past week :) good job.

I'm also interested in how that works. I'm not too familiar with Automator, but this could be helpful for making screenshots for releases etc. Do tell, please :)

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I've been using

the Poster application, from /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Applications

Seems to do a pretty good job. You need to setup the controls just the way you want them in the QTZ, then import that into Poster, and you can export at any res. you like.

I'm not deliberately trying to monopolise the forum. Just have too much time on my hands, I suppose ;)


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with automator is very easy:

with automator is very easy: open automator, in the library choose "developer" and something like "make composition to image" (my system is in spanish, sorry). drag and drop a comp from the finder before the patch and then play.

Prack's picture sad. the automator sad. the automator method is not good. the color conversion is unpredictable, and really bad. i'm goin to sleep. alx, toneburst... maybe you could explain me the poster method in detail? i'm an ignorant, sorry. i open xcode and I can't do anything. i don't understand.... but i think i can learn. anyway, thank you. goodnight

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...not yet. and not so sad.

...not yet. and no so sad. is not so bad the automator method. one nice thing: if you have a comp with the clear with no opacity (the default clear patch) the png file is with one transparent layer. now yes. sleep. bye m

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Hi Prack.

This is how I got Poster to work:

  1. Open the XCode project file in /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Applications/Poster/
  2. Hit the Build button in XCode
  3. After it's been built, look in /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Applications/Poster/build/Release/ You should see an item called That's the app. Drag it to somewhere more convenient of you like, of stick it in the Dock.
  4. Run the app, click the button to select the QTZ file
  5. Set desired size. I think there are different limits to the size of image that different GPUs can deal with.That's where the tile number parameter comes in. You might find you need to split your poster up into several tiles to render it at larger sizes. You'll need to experiment here. The Poster app will automatically stitch all the tiles together into a single file for you.
  6. Click Export Poster
  7. Name poster

That's it!

Note: as I mentioned earlier, you'll need to setup controls for the QTZ so that it displays as you want it, then save it, before importing it into Poster.

Hope this helps,


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but is it really a competition ????... ;)

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hi alx, really helps me.

hi alx, really helps me. thankx. its better than automator. i think with automator you can't save images bigger than 5000 or 6000 pixels wide. thanks again! marcos