Stereoscopic Imaging

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Hey all, i've looked everywhere i could for some way to create stereoscoping (3d) images in visualizer software ,but can't seem to find any clear (and low budget solution)

i'm looking for either a plug-in based out of something like Quartz Composer, where i could simply alter the output (and apply the red-blue shift for 3d glasses) automatically.. is that feasible?

either something like that, or some software that i could maybe apply this effect to (in after effects/FCP) and re-render some 3d footage.. lastly, maybe a hardware solution ? ideally the first option would be the most efficient, there's an idea about doing an audiovisual event with those classic red-blue goggles, i'd appreciate any feedback or direction..


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If you're looking for a pre-built, automagical works-everywhere QC solution, you're probably out of luck. It's possible with some render in image tricks, GLTools tricks, CoreImage tricks, and some ingenuity.

Start by reading pbourke's work on the subject:

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this might has some qc plugins for stereoscopic stuff.

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I'm intrigued about the

I'm intrigued about the blinkenlights thing because when I first looked at it when they were actually doing the installation, I glossed over the stereoscopic aspect. Geez, I wonder if this is for the polarization method (it looks like it, but doesn't seem to say). The complexity of the chain over the anaglyph method is pretty interesting to look at ... and to see how they are "polarizing" it, if that is indeed what they are doing. Looking forward to messing around with that.

There are a few basic methods for creating "3D glasses" type of stuff. The easiest one for QC is probably using color channels. I haven't found a decent way to do the polarization method (but perhaps this blinkenlights thing can do that reasonably).

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Here is a link to a tutorial on making anaglyph images in photoshop. I haven't tried, but when I saw it, I thought it could probably be done in Quartz Composer with a few sprites. It would be easier with still images, but probably doable for moving images with some ingenuity.

I think mathmap will let you do stereographic images. It also will process video as well as still images, which might mean that it will do anaglyphs in motion. In case you don't know what mathmap is, it is an image processing plugin for the Gimp. There is a stand alone version available for the Mac.

Anabuilder is also worth investigating. It will let you do phantograms, which are a type of anaglyph which looks like a 3d object sitting on a flat surface. Mathmap may as well, I don't know. I also don't know if it can handle video. Of course you can always make motion the old fashioned way one frame at a time.

I let you do the googling for the last two apps.