check out the extra plugins

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just wanted to point out.... in 9a499

there are a bunch of extra quartz plugins (with source code) in /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer Sample Code

just compile them then drag them into /Library/Graphics/Patches

'ImageInformation' is useful (gives you a secondary output inside the inspector pane'

there's also a freeframe host(!!!) and some other cool stuff.

I'm curious how hard it would be to backport any of these to be able to use them in tiger?

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not before public leopard release

Yes, they should be pretty easy to backport to tiger (though not in a way that would be composition-compatible between tiger and leopard). We could however release modified versions of these patches which would allow composition compatibility.

But afaik the sample code is also under NDA, so we can't do this until Leopard is publicly released.

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I feel incredibly

I feel incredibly unobservant at this moment.

Also, check out the image writer... for me, this is really useful.

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By the way, have you messed

By the way, have you messed with the freeframe any? I dropped it into the plugs, and it shows up, but just as with an image output?

I am on the search for some actual freeframe plug ins... any recommendations on a good test? I plan on dropping it into the same Plug-ins folder, with the idea that the FreeFrame plug-in will "see" those... I am hoping that is how it works, and that it won't send my computer into spiraling death.

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Hmm, I can't seem to get them working. Not that I really plan on using them much. The host is in my Plugins folder and shows up in the patch creator. My FFfx are in the right place. has a decent collection of (Free) FreeFrame Plugins. Anyone got a pointer in the right direction?

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The built-in FreeFrame host doesn't work with peter's FF plugins because of various capabilities his plugins define/require that the built-in one doesn't support.

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? Are you guys sure about


Are you guys sure about that one? I KNOW that I have Pete's frf's loaded... ironically the only frf I tend to have problems with is Apple's own solarize example...

I do remember that you have to actually go to patch settings to "choose" which frf you use... I was expecting this to be a problem with you using dll's but I guess not!

Here is a screengrab, and let me know if I can be of further help, because it was actually Freeframe that brought me into QC awareness in some ways... never had any problems before.

free frame kineme.jpg
free frame kineme.jpg155.26 KB

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This is what you should see in the settings....

Lol, looks like I didn't set my screebgrab to preserve aspect ratio, but hopefully you get the idea...

When you look at the settings, at first you will see NOTHING. But then you actually have to click on the tab, and you should get the drop down.

free frame setting pic.jpg
free frame setting pic.jpg161.76 KB

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perhaps not

Early in Leopard (late 2007, early 2008), we had a client that was having problems with many freeframe plugins in QC.

Here's an excerpt:

more questions:

does the ff qc host include the ability to apply freeframes with more than one input image? it doesn't look like it, we tried loading pete's "mixer" plugin and only one image input appears.

We did some investigation then, and found that it was more trouble that it was worth to get them up and running, so we didn't pay much more attention to FF in QC after that.

Perhaps pete's plugins have been updated. Or perhaps you're using ones that don't have problems in QC. shrugs difficult to tell.

Thanks for posting the instructions explaining how to get them working -- hopefully that'll get things somewhere farther along.

(Note: when FF-QC fails to load a plugin, it prints a line on console, like this: 24/04/2008 13:29:58 Quartz Composer[157] Failed registering FreeFrame plug-in at path "/Library/Graphics/FreeFrame Plug-Ins/Rebelle.frf"]

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mmmm, I see... I don't doubt

mmmm, I see... I don't doubt that at all. I've had the occasional problem with the Apple supplied version of Solarize that they actually give you as an example to show that it CAN host freeframe (and saw that exact kind of message to my memory)... Pete's version works for me though! So I have no clue about the history of it all....

I can say that I am fairly sure that I have scrolled through/auditioned all of the frf's Pete was posting as of around March-ish, with no error, with whatever QC build was out at the time (I add that caveat since javascript has some weird new random problems with the new build of QC, so who knows what else is hosed?)