open al and ogr patch from apple

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i came across this youtube clip it demonstrate a openal and ogr 3D patch. very unfortunately apple dd not release it publicly or as open source

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3d - check!

we've got an in-house 3d plugin set that meets or exceeds Apple's Ogre patch. We've tinkered with audio a bit, but it's a difficult beast to get just right (what they did in that demo is super simple; what we have in mind is significantly more sophisticated and powerful [read: takes a million years to develop...])

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sound & 3D

interesting. do you have something to test jet? i think the nice thing about a openal patch is that the openal engine is quite powerful in terms of audio spatialization and control and if qc can remote control openal there is a lot of potential. this might be easier then try to reinvent it.


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not yet

Nothing with audio has worked out successfully yet. Mostly because I get to a certain point, then lose interest for other more interesting things.

OpenAL is good for spacial aspects of audio, but it doesn't natively bind with CoreAudio (and thus, audio units and VSTs). To "properly" (in my opinon, as well as some other QC users I've discussed this with) implement audio in QC, these pieces are a must as well. Adding this to the mix is where it gets difficult. AL will probably be a portion, but it isn't the whole solution.

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Re: Ogre3D QC patch

Anyone managed to get the OgreSDK compiled on Snow Leopard?

I've tried compiling quite a few of the releases (including 1.7.1) but having no luck (have checked out the Ogre3D forum too).

or best of all, anyone managed to build an Ogre3D QC plugin? I'd really like to animate 3D characters within QC.