Månsteri Phidgets Plugins - Any beta testers?

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I started working on Leopard compatible Phidget plugins today. Just finished the first one, a PhidgetServo plugin that controls servo motors from QC.

I only have access to the older PhidgetServo 3.0 board with 4 outputs. The plugin seems to work just fine with that. Anybody here with the newer boards who could test this? I have a feeling that this might work only on the older one.

To make this work you need to install the Phidget 21 framework from http://www.phidgets.com/drivers.php

The plugin: http://www.mansteri.com/download/software/phidgetsplugin/PhidgetServo.zip

I'm also planning on doing at least an Interface Kit plugin.

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Re: Månsteri Phidgets Plugins - Any beta testers?

i would love to beta test the ik plugin when it comes out