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I had the volume peaks output being read perfectly through some kind of structure sort, and I didn't save it....

And now I am scratching my head, because I can't remember how I was decoding that output into something useable.

In general, I am flipping out, because it is really hard to make these tools work with anything I already have setup for audio, probably through my own ignorance and lack of experience...

Here are my problems, and maybe there are workarounds?

-The volume "peaks" instead of peak. I know this is workable since I had it working at one point....

-There is no frequency structure to feed to the low/mid/high audio patch... so how the heck can I "decode" anything coming from the audio signal into something that can actually change parameters of the visual?

I am sure there is some clever way of doing some of this with the structure tools... but I haven't completely got my head wrapped around that stuff yet.

I am just trying to basically figure out a way to set up an input chain for audio, that will let me automate some parameters using music, but so that I can render in Quartz Crystal.

Messing around with this more, makes me realize I just want one big audio device that has file input, and multi band additive/subtractive eq, with a steep slope. That way I could just target 1~3k to a given parameter, or 90hz to another... or let the ultra high signals that you can't even hear too well (+14k) control other parameters. Maybe there is actually a way of achieving this that I am missing?

There is a certain United Nations vibe going on here... I hope we don't end up needing a translator, as the worlds of A and V collide.

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peaks and balances

to use peaks, just throw in a structure member at index patch to select the channel -- by default, 0 will probably be close to what you want. If you want to simulate the built-in audio input patch, throw in two, and average channels 0 and 1 with a math expression patch.

We don't have frequency data just yet, but we're planning on adding it when we get some time, and when there's more interest in it.

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Thanks! What I see that


What I see that would be really useful with frequency data in combo with multiple kineme audio file inputs....

I could load the discrete tracks that actually comprise the drumtrack could be loaded and I could use frequency info to manipulate a given image. A discrete guitar track (with the same timeline basically) could be loaded and sent to manipulate another image .... all within one qtz.

The idea/concept being this...

I could have a sprite with a puddle...send the vocal track to it. When sound occurs, the it triggers color change. As sibilance or splosives happen, I could get the eq to trigger ripples in the puddle.

The drum track could be sent to manipulate a background image... I could isolate the eq so that when a snare whacks, the image does something.

At the end of the process, everything would be resynchronized with the audio track of the ACTUAL audio mixdown.

I think that some "self contained" music animations could be made with this method, and in effect be a new form of media.

This is where I am going with this. It isn't really impossible to achieve similar stuff now, but it takes different methods, and layering the stuff in movie editing software.... And it just ends up being a movie. I think it would be cool to make videos of this stuff, and then offer the qtz to the end user, with published controls.

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Modul8 bud


I am 10.5 user with Modul8 2.5.7 I downloaded and installed all the plug-ins But the audio with quartz in Modul8 reacts with the module "Audio input Quartz composer! Modul8 does not react with modules kineme.

For example, I can not get "tb_soundflower.qtz" we can Download: Soundflower / It works in Quartz, but not in Modul8! S.V.P. an idea?

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M8 runs compositions in "safe-mode", meaning that most plugins don't work. There are some hacks to make this work, but they're dangerous/unsafe, so we don't advertise them (and some we don't even offer on the internet at all).

If you'd like a plugin to make them all work, please e-mail me at, and I'll send you a plugin to make your other plugins work in M8. It's a very dangerous plugin to leave installed, so we don't offer it here.