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Here's a (conceptually) simple patch to select/change the current filter feeding back to the Accumulator:


q: the patch uses demulti/multiplexer to select one filter at a time. is there a way to published the current filter's params and update with a new selection (i.e., so only one filter's params show at a time)?

just realized my second question is about optimization, so i should probably buy the performance inspector... :) still, if anyone has a look and sees anything obvious, i'd appreciate any advice.

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Port publishing in QC is completely static -- at runtime outside of the editor, published ports cannot change, and noodles cannot be created or destroyed (4th law of thermodynamics).

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alright, thanks for the clear answer...

that's what i thought but wasn't sure. :(

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Third party apps?

It's not as portable as what was hoped for, but handy none the less:

goto10 offers a simple video tutorial for using the Core Image Accumulator patch in a standalone feedback image filter configuration for third party applications:

In this formatting, the Core Image Accumulator feedback filter can be layered just like another image filter in QC capable third party apps like VDMX. Under those circumstances, it's the third party application that would contain the other image filters, providing the access to the current filter's parameters as well as updating with new filter selections and displaying their individual parameters.

That's all probably already well known by most of the users here, but it's worth observing anyway, I think.