standalone QC compositions problem

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The problem is:

Since this morning IB doesn't let me make standalone QC compositions with mouse input. The "forward all events" check box doesn't do anything:/. Its strange, everything was working just fine yesterday. I tried reinstalling developer tools, reseting IBs preferences and nothing helped. What's even stranger is that if i open the MouseTracking.nib from the QC examples folder and simulate, the mouse works fine. but if i uncheck and check "forward all events" then simulate again the mouse doesn't work anymore.

I don't get it:(.

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sounds like an IB bug

This sounds like an Interface Builder bug (don't worry, you're not alone -- IB has at least as many bugs as the ocean has fish). File a bug report at

In the mean time, you can create an outlet for your QCView into your application, and the attach it via IB.

@interface AppController : NSObject
   IBOutlet QCView   *myQCView;

Then in code somewhere, you can set the event forwarding manually:

[myQCView setEventForwardingMask: NSAnyEventMask];

And you should be set, regardless of IB Bugs.

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Yes, unfortunately there is a bug in that. The best way to work around it is to copy a QCView from an existing nib created on Tiger.