triggering the same patches from multiple midi notes received

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hello i've got a midi note receiver, and want to trigger the same visual event when i play an array of different notes. as i don't know how to concentrate multiple cables into one patch, i'm looking at how i can avoid duplicating the visual event patches for each note eventuality in order to achieve this, but haven't as yet found a way. Does anyone know of a processor efficient way of doing this?

thanks ia s

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math expression

Use math expression or javascript.

I'll describe Math Expression:

make the formula something like "note1 | note2 | note3"

have a different name/number for each note in the array, then separate them by a single pipe "|". This will logically OR the inputs. You might want to try double-pipe ("||") if the output numbers are weird.

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missing e var

hi thanks for the suggestion - i see the logic, but for instance, of my 5 note ins, the expression

(a | b | c | d | e) + f

shows inputs a, b, c, d, f and no e. can you tell me why this might be? i'm thinking cos it's a bitwise operation (doing (a || b || c || d || e) + f only presents input for f).

further, (a | b | c | d | e | f) + g provides all inputs except e, still. e isn't reserved, so i dunno why it's being missed..

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e = mathematical constant

e is a reserved constant (like pi), sometimes called "Euler's number".

See also:

It's approximately 2.71828182845904523536.

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e very much