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Quartz Crystal output of OpenCL dependent compositions

Been finding OpenCL created Meshes a little on / off and Console buggy, so no surprise that they sometimes fail to render reliably offline within Quartz Crystal.

No complaint, just an observation.

I have, however, found that reliable results in Quartz Crystal can be achieved with SL's .dae support, accompanied by some CI patches and Kineme Audio Tools.

I have made a Quartz Builder application that hosts this composition, which works quite well, but is still being proofed.

The video below shows the working audio-visual composition.

Currently still having some problems getting anything other than a white or transparent background in the Quartz Builder application.

It would be nice to achieve the same as this using Kineme 3D, but sadly it doesn't seem to like my .dae files much at all :-(.

{I shall have to try using other formats]

Maybe Particle Tools would do it too. [Problem here is that I am getting some older compositions, including source examples just not working quite right ]

Whatever, at present, at least for me, this is one of those either its an SL based solution or its a Leo based solution, along with quite a few other patches I could mention.


Have managed to overcome the problem with Quartz Builder , although obviously enough the application will only work on 10.6.x.

However, anyone wanting to see what I've managed to make of Aurora as a QB application should go here - AuroraElectro_QB

Now - what about that OpenCL output in Quartz Crystal - the Aurora example always seemed to be jittery OpenCL wise, stopping and starting, but other example kernels run rather more smoothly, so I shall be experimenting with those & other examples in the meantime.

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Re: AuroraElectro

Re: The problem you mentioned about Quartz Builder and white or opaque background.

I'm including a folder with an adjusted template that shows how to adjust the background color, with a couple of notes on the Editor of the qtz, and a built app that simply gives a maroon color window, and nothing more. The qtz won't have a color in the Viewer window when put into "play", since it's a Quartz Builder setting, and there is no render patch to make a color render in QC.

qb color background.zip155.9 KB

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Re: AuroraElectro

Cheers GT, [always best to say Cheers with a frothy one in the hand :-)].

Will look into that example you kindly posted.

Got a working solution from the Output Window Patch settings - noir not blanc.

Now I need to get a working version that does pretty much what this considerably reworked version of Aurora does, but backwards compatible.

That will mean changing some more of the RenderWorld patch , as it uses a few SL only patches too, even though most of the underlying structure is backwards compatible.