How to QB

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Please find the following basic step by step video tutorial for making a simple desktop application with Quartz Builder upon this link.

Example files included for download from the tutorial site.

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Re: How to QB

so its interesting to here you speak cybero. im used to reading your words. i like watching tutorials i want to make some myself. i think a group of qc heads should get together and make a web site of tutorials, nice ones that people wold watch maybe even spend money on like the video copilot stuff. what screen capture program are you using ?

im trying to find one that will capture both my monitors at the same time. i found a free one a while back but i don't know where i put it and can't remember the name of it. i have been using a beta version of scrrenium and screenflow. i like screenium because you can set a region of interest and have that region follow your mouse essentially making it easy for people to view things like what you type etc.. i like screen flow for its editing capabilities etc.. i made my own program in max msp to capture to screens and audio but the audio is split from the video and well i got to put them back together which is an added process was just wondering what you use.

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Re: How to QB

hi there dust, ta for your sweet praise.

a tutorial site, which does rather more than merely 'demo' the output, sans explanatory would, I firmly believe , be of interest to many,from novice to master.

demonstrata, sans explanatory, are rather interesting, especially to those of us who are oft pursuing our own kinesthetically based vade macum.

screen capture wise, I use Jing, pretty cheap and effective but will not capture across mutiple screens and unless I'm pretty much mistaken, won't zoom in / zoom out like some of the more sophisticated packages.

as a freeby it saves to a practically uneditable .flv, with reg, it does good .mp4.

I then output via my QTPro Player[bless it] and then slot the resulting HD MP4 [h264] into a new tutorial page.

There are some interesting tutes out on the web, shakinda's stuff comes to mind immediately - oh and apollly wollys to any I've forgot to mention or didn't even know of.

I always try to make a point of doing a dummy run sans record, then just swing through, sometimes without a pause.

Jing only does 5 minute segments, I stitch them together in QTPro Player.

I'm going to check out the other screen grab apps in due course that you've mentioned.

If I have to put audio back with the video its meant to be associated with [like QC render to audio], I often just create a movie GarageBand file, works like a charm, though does require [some] patience and care.

Final Cut Express or Pro is also a good choice.

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Re: How to QB

im halfway done your audio tutorial. there is a guy from ireland i think that i watched a tutorials from he posted a link on the nui group forum. pretty basic stuff. your right explanations and demonstrations for all levels of quartz would be a must.

its funny in the motion graphics courses at my college all the kids watch video copilot which is really some good after effects stuff but everyones work really comes out looking a like thats why i think if a video demonstration tutorial website for quartz composer where to work then it would have to be from a group of people, that way you don't really create a bunch of little clones of your self. thats why i watch them because i find different techniques that others do that i do not think of.

yeah if you just type screenium beta into google i think you will find a link. it has a few options for audio and mouse following etc. plus it renders strait to disk no need to really convert after your done unless you want to edit.