Kineme 3d installation

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hi i bought the plugin, where does it live? thanks

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

i watched the tutorial and read the blurb, but its very confusing. you say DONT put patches in the plugin folder, then the demo video shows the .plugins (=patches?) going in the plugins folder! I dont get it.

also, where do the included compositions go?

can you define an installation which clearly distinguishes between plugins, patches, and compositions?

that is where some of the confusion is coming from, i think!

would really appreciate help getting started! thanks

Matt Black

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

Patches is the terminology that is used to describe any and all of the component parts that can be dragged from Patch Creator into the Composition Editor window.

Patches come with a .plugin extension.

Hardly surprising that you'd think it logical to look to placing these into a Patches folder somewhere on your disk drive. However, apart from when running Tiger, you shouldn't place .plugin patches into a folder called Patches at all , or else they won't work for you.

OS X 10.4 (Tiger), create the folder /Library/Graphics/Patches/ if it doesn't already exist. Place the .plugin in this folder. -[ to quote from Smokris' post about this matter].

OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Apple's own Quartz Composer plugins place into ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins - available only to you - or else into Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins available to all users.

KIneme Plugins place into ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches available only to you or else Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches available to all users.

Patches typically hold plugins files that have been developed using non-Standard API.

Plug-Ins typically holds plugins that have been developed using Apple's Standard API.

The example compositions bundled with some Kineme Plug-Ins and Patches can be placed anywhere you like, typically into your Movie folder, where you could make a folder of your own to contain them.

Apple pre-installs many compositions even without your installing the Dev Tools.

These are found in the System/Library/Compositions folder and should be simply left there and left alone untouched as they are used by various applications, including Finder.

You can add other compositions of your own into Library/Compositions, either as above, into your home folder's Library or else the all users Library folder.

If those compositions have been appropriately protocolised then they should be available as RSS, ScreenSaver, Animation, Transition or Visualizer, as the case may be.

As for someone making a well scripted installer that is something I'll leave up to Kosada / Kineme :-) until I start making some patches of my own, in which case I think I might bear your user request in mind.

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

Yes it can be a bit confusing. cybero's post is spot on, so the short answer is that kineme ones tend to go in Quartz Composer Patches.

By the way I love using Quartz Composer and I know the kineme plugins, so if you ever need help with any compositions you are working on, Id be more than happy to help out for free where I can, just email

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

thank you both for your help. i've put kineme3d and structure tools in patches.

steve, i will mail you.

x Matt

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

Don't do an auto installer, that sucks. If anything, just setup an alias for drag and drop when you open up a dmg containing your files. I have very specific desires about WHICH of the said "graphics" folders I like my stuff in, and I almost NEVER want it in my user profile which is ALWAYS where auto installers put that crap.

Cybero's post was cool...

ALL are plugins.

Patches Folder=non API

Plug In Folder = Standard API

The kineme plugins do all kinds of things that are not possible within the Standard API, like handling non standard data types, the way they appear in your patch list, etc, etc....

There are a lot of people on the forum that are WAY into helping people out, don't be afraid to post questions. I haven't been as active as usual in the past week and a half or so, I've had a ton of crap going on. My apologies if anyone has asked me anything (emails included) that have slipped through. If anyone is looking at this and I let something you've asked me slip by, PLEASE email me again, gtoledo3 at gmail _dot_com (do the necessary reconfig of my email , trying to avoid spam bots :o)

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Re: Kineme 3d installation

No problem, I did reply to your email but dont know if you received it, maybe a spam filter blocked it.