Look At up concept?

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Hello! I just built a composition to explain what uses are fot Look at patch. there is the UP feature that I don't understand how to use it though. Could anyone explain the concept or represent it into the composition? Thank you!

Look at GLUprespective.qtz285.51 KB

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Re: Look At up concept?

Up determines the up direction of the camera. Normally this is 0,1,0 (+1 on the Y axis), but if you had up = 0,-1,0, the top of the screen would be the "bottom" (the camera's upside down).

Up vector is necessary because the camera position and the look at position define a line, but not an orientation (there are an infinite number of camera orientations on that line segment -- up determines which one).

So up can be used to tilt the camera so it's not straight up or straight down.