Quartz Composer Animation Exhibit B - Stand, Run, Dance with Kineme3D

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This is an example of "how to" use standard Quartz Composer patches, in conjunction with Kineme 3D, to trigger pose information.

For this example, rotate through pose sequences by "left clicking" or clicking with your trackpad.

This uses elements of Chris Wright's Knight vs. Goblin example composition for Kineme3D, as well as another layer of programming to demonstrate setting up pose sequences with a multiplexer.

The start and end values of the interpolation patches which hooked up to the multiplexer correspond to md2 pose structure info. To trigger a different set of poses, change your start and end info. Remember that index info can also be triggered via interpolation, lfo's, or any other value producing method, not only my mouse click setup.

This is educational, and the concepts may be freely used. Please do not use this composition as is in commercial work without consent.

Feel free to make inquiries, as I'm sure that this may provoke questions, and I can't predict or answer them ahead of time. At some point, I will try to compile pertinent questions and answers back into the .rtf included in this folder. I also loosely plan this to be an ongoing project of mine, to give back for all of the great examples have been given freely by many, back to the Quartz Composer community.

Finally... and I forgot to include this in the .rtf; if you have questions about this feel free to direct them to me, as this is something of my devising more or less. Chris has enough on his plate with all of the other Kineme projects without me opening up this can of worms and having it all fall upon him to answer things about my setup.

Best regards, and may this help in your quests,

George Toledo gtoledo3@gmail.com

(edit: I made a slightly incorrect upload earlier, my apologies)