Documentation of Kineme stuff's picture

HI Chris, Steve and Kineme Community

Wondering if you are planning to document your patches, even in a very 'skanky' way (if I can say so!). Just a set of simple demo .qtz with a few stickies inside would be a great learning tool for noobs to coding, 3D and openGL like me. Just like the kind Chris often posts if I ask a simple question. I get shy of asking all the time and I'm sure others could benefit from it also. Don't under-estimate how much time a little (Heads-Up) direction saves for beginners (I used to teach PS and AI so know that from broad experience too) even if they have to work at it from there on in.

Sometimes ya just don't now where to start with a patches inputs, particularly the Particle Tools passing structures and what not, the learning curve has put me off trying for now.

I've seen such a thing started at QuartzCompositions is it? for standard patches. But never seemed to get off the ground. Kineme community is much more vibrant IWHT and would pitch-in.

Who knows it could be the basis of our "QC Beginners to Advanced in 48 hours" title. Heck I'd buy that even though I know it's not possible to learn tooooo much about QC in 48 hours.

Thanks too Kineme,