Kineme 3D Primitives

Currently Kineme 3D has the 3D Plane primitive which is nice to have thanks, however, it would be greatly appreciated if there were other basic 3D primitives available such as sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, torus etc.

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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

version 1.2 (currently in beta) has a parametric expression patch that allows you to create almost any shape.

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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

cool! I'll try them out.

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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

You could just build your own library of basic primitives, if you have some kind of 3D modelling program (like Blender, for example), then just import them via the Kineme3D mesh importer.

Some 'SuperGLSL' primitives would be cool though. Or maybe just making the K3D mesh renderer 'Super' would be just as good.


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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

You're right with the Blender idea, except that I really can't get into the Bledner user interface and have limited experience with 3D modelling.

Is there a list of 'parametric expressions' available and the corresponding shapes they produce?

(The beta seems stable though so far! :)

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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

i found cheetah 3d gives you a gl.h file which can be used to render things like a tea pot in xcode how or to get the cheetah .h to render in qc is beyond my gl skills. it might be an avenue to look at. i know there is a program i got to convert the cheetah gl header to a gles header which might be helpful im not sure ? if there is anybody who knows how to get a cheetah 3d gl header into qc that would be some great info. im just thinking if you can make your own primitives that will respond to shaders that way. ??? parametric is cool had a go for a few days trying to make a flower. it is hard to visualize parametric shapes for me somehow working on it.

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Re: Kineme 3D Primitives

I don't have a list, and they are scattered all over my HD (at least what I have). I know there is some good stuff around here on that (try the search?)

If anyone was interested I could throw up some basic fbx model shapes here, but I would bet that there are probably quite a few available as free downloads via websearch (not sure, haven't looked, but there are gobs of models out there in general).