KnM SHADOW Environment / request

Hi, a WORKING Shadow environment (macro patch), that works with KnM3D. That would be uber-kill. Or anything to render shadows.....

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Re: KnM SHADOW Environment / request

Solving this requires a significant amount of work correctly, including numerous radical changes. Don't count on it any time soon (look at how well it panned out on 10.6 ;)

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Re: KnM SHADOW Environment / request

mmm. What would be your advice to render shadows then ? I could "theoretically" make a custom consumer plugin that renders multipass shadows, but then i would have to include all the 3d loading inside, since there's no Mesh port available to pipe in (neither Apple's official SDK, nor the Skanky one).

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Re: KnM SHADOW Environment / request

I'm thinking that the "correct" way is through extension of the standard GLSL environment to allow for doing it oneself in a traditional manner.