Structure Smooth/Morph

Right now, it is definitely possible to smooth indexes/keys of an incoming structure and send the values onto wherever they need to go. I'm not aware of a javascript command to smooth everything in an incoming structure, and I suspect that if there is, that performance could possibly be better without using the javascript patch anyway.

I've had the thought that a patch that smoothed every index/key in an incoming structure equally, with similar controls to the smooth patch, would be really user friendly. The idea behind this is that one could have a bunch of static structures that where say, cursive words created with gl points and lines, that morphed from one to another at a user definable pace. If one used the dae mesh loader, and got the vertex info, one could feed it to this structure smooth and then render to GL Points or Lines (or whatever). As one flipped through models, you would see each index kind of move in position and reform to create the new model outline.

My $.02 for the day!

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Re: Structure Smooth/Morph

I think I did this on that morphing text thread a while back. I'll dig around later and PM you with it. I not so sure JS is such a speed-hog for comps anyhow. I find that drawing large structures of sprites/points/lines actually takes a lot more off the fps that generating the structures most of the time. I've profiled it a few times (manually not Kineme profiler) and each time it's the been the Render patches sucking fps.

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Re: Structure Smooth/Morph

In the blindingly obvious department, here is a javascript structure smooth, adapted from the music visualizer template. It doesn't have different time curve functions though.

I have not used this much yet, and can't say if I think it works better for large structure counts than using smooths inside of an iterator (which isn't always viable either...).

Structure Smooth.qtz4.76 KB

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Re: Structure Smooth/Morph

Ok, scratch this. This only effectively smoothes the values of whatever structure hits it when it initially evaluates. If you switch structures, it totally errors out.