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i noticed the QuickLook plugin freeze the compositions until the generating in progress. Is that possible to add the generating to a background thread - or had any success about this?



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not tried

It's possible, but I haven't tried it yet. Probably in the next version (A few users have complained about this)

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okay, it's good news :)

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done signal ? please

Found myself using this plug in allot too. Simple but great! As we're requesting stuff though any change to get a done signal built in (saves me using javascript) + a icon only mode (do like the new finder icons) . Thanks Chris

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done isn't necessary currently, since it's synchronous (its output is valid on the frame that you give it input) -- this won't be the case once it's threaded/asynchronous though. At that point, it'll get a done signal.

can you elaborate more on icon-only mode? (I'm not exactly sure what that means)

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Brill, any chance to get

Brill, any chance to get things asynchronous? When i said icon-only mode i was just referring to your "fallback to Icon Services to generate icons of Finder icons when QuickLook is unable to generate a preview." that came with the 0.2 version.

Sometimes things look nicer with the icons.


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wishes granted

There's now an asynchronous input, a Done output, and a "Bypass QuickLook" input to just use Finder-style icons.

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this is very usefull!