libpd built into a QC Plugin

Is it possible to build LIBPD into a quartz composition? LibPD is built for simple integration into existing systems and has already been built into iOS etc...

Cheers, Alex

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Re: libpd built into a QC Plugin

I'm going to say yes even though i have not tried it. libpd compiles on the iPhone pretty well so possibly only a few things would be needed or changed if any. i found in general most low level audio unit and remote io code is pretty interchangeable with the iPhone and Mac. libpd runs in open frameworks which is always a good place to start investigating. good idea.

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Re: libpd built into a QC Plugin

Thanks for the reply Dust!

This would make QC a real killer app in my opinion, as PureData is basically MaxMSP (without the price)... So we would be able to control synthesis etc within QC.. makes delivery and dispatch of apps really easy... its all 'there'...

The 'propaganda' regarding LibPD makes it sound like it almost builds itself! Would love to know how 'live inputs' works though...

Cheers, Alex

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Re: libpd built into a QC Plugin

+1 this as a feature