GL Tools

GL Tools

Release: GL Tools, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

This release of GL Tools includes several new patches and refinements of existing patches.

Current patches include:

  • Kineme GL Blend Equation [new]
  • Kineme GL Clear Depth [new]
  • Kineme GL Color Mask [new]
  • Kineme GL Context Info
  • Kineme GL Depth Buffer Alpha Threshold
  • Kineme GL Field of View
  • Kineme GL Line
  • Kineme GL Line Structure [new]
  • Kineme GL Load Matrix [new]
  • Kineme GL Logic Op
  • Kineme GL Matrix Mult
  • Kineme GL Ortho
  • Kineme GL Point
  • Kineme GL Point Structure [new]
  • Kineme GL Polygon Mode
  • Kineme GL Quad
  • Kineme GL Quad Structure [new]
  • Kineme GL Scale [new]
  • Kineme GL Shade Model [new]
  • Kineme GL Spline
  • Kineme GL Triangle
  • Kineme GL Triangle Structure [new]
  • Kineme GL Viewport [new]
  • Kineme Super GLSL Grid [new]

(New patches since GL Tools 0.4 are flagged above.)

Release: GL Tools, v20080325

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080325
Release Notes

This update to GLTools adds a few small new features.

First, the Spline patch now allows you to render points at each subdivision (not just each control point).

Second, the Polygon Mode patch now allows you to enable/disable point and line smoothing, as well as line stipple control.

Unsurprisingly, another Intel GL bug was uncovered: Enabling point-smoothing in polygon-mode mode results in no output. Yay lame intel drivers...

[ yanomano should have some really cool pictures to show for these requests... ;) ]

Release: GL Tools, v20080226

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080226
Release Notes

This beta's pretty rad. It adds a few new features, and a couple powerful patches.

The glOrtho patch now allows you to disable ortho mode (so you can switch from ortho to perspective mode without duplicating all the rendering in your composition).

But the coolest part of all is the GL Point Structure and GL Line Structure Patches. These patches allow you to render collections of points, line segments, or a continuous line strip without the overhead of an iterator.

Demonstration screenshot showing several points and line segments

Both patches take the same structure format: a substructure for each point, with an X, Y, and Z value. If the substructures are keyed, the keys "X", "Y", and "Z" are used, otherwise the 0th, 1st, and 2nd structure members are used to derive the coordinate. I'll probably upload some sample compositions to better demonstrate tomorrow morning.

Using JS to drive it is still slower than molasses, but it's an improvement none the less ;)

Before things get too crazy with structures, I'd like to have a plan in place to duplicate the functionality of vvvv's spreads (these are how this sort of stuff should be solved, not by more structure hacks....)

Release: GL Tools, v20080220

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080220
Release Notes

This GLTools beta introduces the glOrtho patch.

Iterators are the worst way to make sphere-grids :) Half of them are inexplicably missing too for the screenshot. Probably due to system load or something. But you get the idea.

Release: GL Tools, v20080202

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080202
Release Notes

This beta addresses a few loading issues that have been reported.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, QC compositions using GL patches exhibit strange behaviour when loading (usually, by just drawing the checkerboard, with an "init failed" message in the console). Spline value loading also got some error checking (there was a report of incorrect values for unattached inputs sometimes.. I've not been able to duplicate it, but this may correct it?)

Polygon Mode also go properly branded (it was missing "Kineme" in the title, so it looked like a built-in patch)

No real big functional changes.

Release: GL Tools, v20080129

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080129
Release Notes

Possibly addressed some config errors with GL Spline. Added Spline Stippling (yes!), added Line Texturing.

Let me know if splines start acting strangely; they've had a lot of internal changes take place.

There's an annoying behaviour with spline stippling where Input Stipple patterns that have no neighboring 1's are effectively disabled (0x5555, powers of two, other patterns). Setting scale to anything greater than 1 corrects this. This is expected behaviour, but if it's annoying let me know and I'll try to fix it (probably by forcing scale to have 1 silently added to it, so it'll always be > 1)

Release: GL Tools, v20080115

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080115
Release Notes

This GL Tools beta adds support for line stippling (no line texturing yet), and adds a new patch, Read Pixels.

Read Pixels reads the QC Viewer's output when it's evaluated, and outputs what the viewer would display. This means it won't read from higher layers if it's attached to a low-layer consumer.

Currently it's pretty limited: It reads the whole frame, and only the Color data. In upcoming betas I'll include inputs to control where it reads from (x, y, width, height), and I'll probably add Depth-Buffer reading too.

Release: GL Tools, v0.4

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.4
Release Notes

This version of GL Tools contains several enhancements over version 0.3. There are both Leopard and Tiger Versions available.

  • GL Logic Op Patch
  • Faster GL Spline
  • A Field of View patch (not the built-in one)
  • Depth Buffer Alpha Threshold
  • GL Points can now be attenuated by distance

GL Logic Op allows you to control which logic operation is used when drawing pixels to the frame buffer.

Depth Buffer Alpha Threshold allows you to disable writes to the depth buffer for transparent pixels. This helps when you have depth checking enabled and images with transparency.

GL Point attenuation doesn't work on Intel GMA950 Video cards (found in MacBooks and MacMinis). This is a driver bug; please file a bug report with Apple, not us :)

There was one report of invalid patch names for the Tiger build, but we've been unable to reproduce this after testing on several machines. If you experience this, please let us know; we're interested in solving this.

Thanks to all the beta testers for their testing, feedback, suggestions, and patience while 0.4 was in development. :) Between the last beta and this production release, the only change was some interface text (consistent category names across tiger and leopard now), as well as a small fix to the Field of View patch to multiply against the previous matrix instead of simply overwriting it. This will hopefully ease some FOV + Matrix patch combination issues.

Release: GL Tools, v20080107

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080107
Release Notes

Some minor changes to the GLTools beta, with a Tiger version too.

This version adds control over spline control point size and color, as well as a few cleanups and performance tweaks in preparation for the Production release this Wednesday.

The Grid Generator and renderer probably will not be in the production release, unless you think they should be included. Let me know what you think.

Release: GL Tools, v20080102

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080102
Release Notes

Some updates to the GLTools patch, in preparation for another public release.

This release fixes point smoothing on Intel GMA950 video cards (was broken a few betas ago), and adds a new feature to GL Points: Distance attenuation! This feature doesn't work on Intel GMA950 cards (if this bothers you, file a bug report at

2048 attenuated points

GL Splines were also optimized to be about 10-30% faster.

Target release date is January 9th, 2008, so please file any bugs or issues before then so we can address them.

A Tiger build should be available within 48 hours.